We are a purpose-driven organization, founded to help nix the Covid-19 crisis. 


We are a global team of hospital executives, government staffers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and professors working together to get PPE and testing in the hands of every frontline worker.


With international connections and credibility in Manufacturing and Healthcare, together we have a combined 100 years + working with Fortune 50 companies in supply-chain, media, operations, and many of the biggest names in the healthcare industry. 


More than ever, in this time of crisis, people with the right skillsets need to lean in to help solve the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We are taking matters into our own hands to fight Covid-19, corruption and dysfunction, by develop innovative solutions, donating to communities and directly supporting government, healthcare and essential workforces. 



“Thank you. Thank you. Consider that a thank you from every nurse, doctor, firefighter, police officer and EMT” 

—  CFO,  California Hospital System

In the news.


"Calling it Hack Coronavirus, they collected thousands of N95 masks and got them to local government workers, first responders, Instacart delivery people, pharmacy employees, etc. and did a lot to boost morale..."


We're here to help.

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