NixCovid is a purpose-driven organization, founded to help

nix the Covid-19 crisis.

We provide certified supplies directly for state governments, hospitals, and Fortune 500 essential workforces.

NixCovid is a global team of former hospital executives, government staffers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and professors working together to get PPE and testing in the hands of every frontline worker.


With international connections and credibility in Manufacturing and Healthcare, together we have a combined 100 years + working with Fortune 50 companies in supply-chain, media, operations, and many of the biggest names in the healthcare industry. 

We are taking matters into our own hands to fight Covid-19, corruption and dysfunction, by develop innovative solutions, donating to communities and directly supporting government, healthcare and essential workforces.

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2020 Startup of the Year

CEO World Awards

"Making a huge difference during the Covid-19 Pandemic."

How we got started.

In March 2020, NixCovid was founded by Kathryn Bonesteel and Jeff Wood to help the world fight Covid-19.  


After many hospitalizations battling her rare and chronic autoimmune condition, a physician who saved Kathryn Bonesteel's life told her he did not have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Leveraging Jeff's expertise in global supply chain, NixCovid came together to import and donate supplies, starting locally with healthcare workers close to their hearts in Houston, Texas.


The team then began shipping N95 masks to healthcare workers who needed them across the United States. 


During the height of Covid-19, the NixCovid team directly connected state governments, labor unions and essential workforces directly to factories in North America.


Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks was our first customer, who purchased masks to donate across Texas.

Who we've helped.

With an extensive and proven supply chain, NixCovid now directly provides and distributes products across the world. 

We set ourselves apart by operating with ethics centered on fairness, transparency, honesty, philanthropy and integrity.


For government entities, we have helped deliver millions of supplies for the State of Texas. Our team supported over 60% of the State of Illinois' stockpile procurement.


For frontline workforces, we've delivered millions of supplies to companies like Tyson Foods and Adidas.


We've supplied or donated to frontline workforces at Amazon, Methodist Hospital, Memorial Hermann Hospital, Houston Police Department, Wallgreens, MD Anderson, CVS, Kroger, and many more.

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Meet our leadership team.

Kathryn Bonesteel, CEO of NixCovid

Kathryn Bonesteel

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Kathryn co-founded Nixcovid to help cut through supply chain challenges many of the health care workers who saved her life are facing.She has over a decade of experience working with and helping build billion dollar brands. Kathryn was nominated for Forbes 30 Under 30 for her work to help nix Covid-19, and is an advocate for perseverance through chronic illness.  She is a premiere donor to Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation. Her super power is her empathy and connecting people together for the common good. 


Jeff Wood

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Jeff co-founded Nixcovid due to his entrepreneurial tendencies and his commitment to make the impossible possible. His background is in supply chain, engineering and International business. Jeff has lived in Thailand amongst many countries and understands what it takes to successfully do business internationally. His super power is establishing reliable supply chains in record timing while building long lasting strategic relationships. 


Laura Senior Garcia

Vice President, Operations

Laura is a highly goal and people oriented leader. Her background is in international business and consulting. Laura has worked all over the world with Fortune 10 companies in corporate and industrial settings. She enjoys being a part of a team that will push the boundaries and make things happen while building genuine relationships. Her super power is simplifying complex situations and operations and always looking for win win outcomes.  


Blake Sherwood 石邦力

Strategic Partner, Director of Supply Chain Logistics

Blake helped the State of Illinois amongst others to source key products during the most critical stage of the Covid 19 pandemic.


His background is in logistics and finance. Blake has lived in Asia. He speaks enough  Mandarin to dangerous and understands the intricacies of international markets and how to overcome the challenges of working across the globe. His superpower is helping operations to flow from A - Z in a highly efficient manner. 

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John Macleer

Vice President, Contracts & Logistics

John has 30+ years of management experience in federal contracts and heavy industry. He served as the Regional Manager of Fort Berthold Development Corporation (FBDC), District of Columbia. He specialized in federal contracts with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

At FBDC, McAleer oversaw all aspects of commercial government projects, including design-build, contract negotiations, coordination of capital and operating expenditures, and implementation on marketing strategies. Currently, McAleer serves as Vice President, 3PH, LLC – a SDVOB, federal contracting firm located in the Nation’s Capital Region. 


Susan Harriman

Vice President, Business Development

Susan has more than 28 years' leadership experience in policy, public speaking and education. She was head of ForwARd Arkansas foundation, a collaboration between the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation. Susan previously served as the policy and special projects director at the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE).
She also served as the director of state services at the National Center for Education Achievement, the Secretary’s Regional Representative at the U.S. Department of Education and founding executive director at the Texas Public Education Reform Foundation. Her super power is creating equity through advocacy. 


Get in touch with our team on your Protective Equipment and COVID-19 testing needs.


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