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KHOU: Houston women get creative in fight against coronavirus

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Written by Stephanie Whitfield

Despite having no professional background in medical supplies, a resourceful group of women say they were able to get thousands of masks delivered to Houston.

HOUSTON — Medical professionals are in need of protective gear.

Local and state leaders have been calling on the federal government to send supplies as soon as possible.

In the meantime, some Houstonians are taking matters into their own hands.

“I texted my group of girlfriends. We started reaching out to our friends and our family overseas to try to figure out how we could help get some of these supplies to the area,” Kathryn Bonesteel said.

Despite having no professional background in medical supplies, the resourceful group of women made it happen.

Thousands of masks have already been delivered to Bonesteel’s home in Houston.

They spent the weekend donating hundreds to workers they feel need them, like pharmacists and delivery drivers.

“We’ve been putting our own money up front to try to get these supplies here. We’re trying to raise money if businesses need them,” Bonesteel said.

They call the movement “Hack Coronavirus,” because instead of waiting for things to get better, they’re getting creative to make a difference.

Now, Bonesteel says they’re working to get supplies directly to local governments and hospitals.

“We’re sitting at home and feeling uncertain. Being able to help online and reaching out to people we know feels like we’re taking things into our own hands and gives us a sense of empowerment,” she said.

To join the Houston Hack Coronavirus movement, email

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