Transparency, cutting through corruption and price gouging

Transparency, cutting through corruption, price gouging and multiple brokers by connecting people that need things directly to factories and suppliers is how we believe we differentiate from others. Let us know if you need something! NixCovid is a purpose-driven organization, founded to help nix the Covid-19 crisis. Our Mission is to get PPE and testing in the hands of every health care and frontline worker. We've sourced and delivered 1,689,000,000+ FDA and CE approved pieces directly for state governments, hospitals and Fortune 500 essential workforces. We've been working directly with governments, food suppliers and hospitals around the country to get much needed protective equipment, ventilators, thermometers, sanitizer and COVID tests. A few days ago, Arkansas Homeland Security & Preparedness Management added us to their list of government-approved vendors for PPE. Our team and sourcing capabilities continue to grow exponentially day over day. We have notably added the Founder of Irvine Medical Center, Douglass Myers on our team. We have direct factory relationships and U.S. supplier/distributor relationships with highly reputable entities. In some cases, like with our Mexico factories on surgical gowns and 3 ply masks, we can do pay on delivery.

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U.S. Headquarters

P: +1(281) 915-9662


Europe Headquarters

Passeig Pla de Garaita, 17, 03530 La Nucia, Alicante, Spain

P: +3 (468) 783-2968

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